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You Crazy Aussie

We loved him cause he was crazy

What happened to the Mel Gibson that mooned his way into our hearts in Braveheart? America used to love your crazy Australian ass in the Lethal Weapon series. Hell, we basically forgave you for making Lethal Weapon 4, Chris Rock and all. You were the kind of guy that dudes wanted to hang with and some drink some Foster’s.

Ransom? Awesome.

Payback? Bad Ass.

Apocalypto? Surprising great.

The Patriot? Hells Yeah.

You’re freakin’ Mad Max! The ROAD WARRIOR! You even somehow made Signs watchable! You were the man.

Now….You broke our hearts. My first question is why would an Australian hate jewish people? What have they ever done to you? The D.U.I., The racist rants, the abuse against women, I can’t believe it man.

I think the worst part is that you teased us with classic Mel with the movie Edge of Darkness, you kicked some serious ass in that movie, Classic Mel style.

A few years ago, you made the strangely good chick flick What Women Want, well I may know much about women but I’m pretty sure that What Women Want is not to be told to be raped by a pack of negros. Now even Australia doesn’t want you back.


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