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I’ll say it loud and proud, I play sports video games

My name is Joe and I’m a Madden-aholic.

It’s true, I play Madden and I love it. I don’t care that everyone says that real gamers don’t play sports game because it’s bascially the same product released every year with new names and the occasional new gimmick. I don’t care, I love play sports games. I’m so addicted to Madden that I spend the time before the game comes out building up draft rosters with all the college plays properly represent in NCAA Football. I have about 15 years worth of drafts ready to export into this years Madden. I love building up the Lions (Sorry Stafford) in Franchise Mode every year with QB  #3 Joe Nolan, drafted in the first round.

I also love playing MLB The Show, the NHL series and the Smackdown Vs. Raw series because of their incredibly deep single player career modes. Each game treats their respective sports like RPGs where they require the player to grind for experience so they can become good enough to level up and unlock new skill sets. I love playing sports game because it allows me to live out all my greatest dreams. I’ll never be 6-3, 230 pounds blessed with the ability to throw 100 mphs or shoot a puck at the speed of light, but in videos games I can. Video Game Joe Nolan is a Hall of Famer with 953 Career Home Runs, 84,658 career passing yards, 1,034 career goals and I’ve won every title in the WWE with my create-a-wrestler “Thunderous” Joe Hawkins.

When Madden 2011 comes out, I’ll be there bright and early to buy my copy and I don’t care what you say. I have Madden Fever and I’m no longer ashamed to say it.

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