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Please, No More Live-action Trailers…

How do publishers and developers hype the public for an upcoming game release? Trailers of course! Trailers are nothing more than snippets of the full experience promised to us. It’s a form of advertising that Hollywood has utilized masterfully. Imagine yourself in the movie theater watching a trailer. What do you see? Just a constant influx of imagery, a super-abridged version of the movie. You hear the guy who has that amazing “movie trailer voice”. It can be a deal breaker for some movie goers. I can’t count how many times I’ve viewed a terrible trailer and said, “Fuck it.” For all I know the film could be a gem, but initially if it fails to capture my attention the first go-around then it’s not worthy my time or money.

So… why are live-action trailers so prevalent as of late? Yes, duh, video games aren’t entirely comparable to movies. But that is my point exactly. Why is some marketing schmuck green-lighting these trailers that don’t exactly sell a game on it’s premise or concept?

Need examples? The newly released Resistance 3 trailer and the very lame duck announcement of Crytek’s codenamed: Kingdoms. Halo is now pretty much known for it’s live-action trailers at this point.

Why am I making a big deal about this? Why is it such a big deal to this angry geek? Because it’s a load of bullshit!

In my opinion it is completely underhanded way of advertising an experience. Before I get my ass beat by a bunch of Halo fanboys and their homemade cardboard assault rifles, allow me to elaborate. I’m completely aware that Mr. Clean doesn’t come out of the bottle and help you mop when the bottle is opened. I know that M&Ms aren’t three feet tall and actually talk. But these examples are products, they’re not trying to sell me on an entertainment experience.

A movie trailer shows a promise of what’s to come, even if the final result is absolute garbage. It is projecting (pardon the pun) an experience. Much like how a game puts you into an entirely different realm. But these live-action trailers do nothing but mystify what it ACTUALLY has in store. If you’re going to sell me; sell me on the gameplay. Show some in-game footage that will make me shit my pants black. I understand that developers don’t want to show all their cards in a thirty second commercial, but don’t make a goddamn trailer that’s equivalent to a straight-to-dvd movie, it totally undermines the image of the video game industry and could potentially hurt your product.

Yes, I know that Halo is a first-person shooter, where all you do is SHOOT (duh), but enough of this poorly acted jargin. I cringe constantly when I watch this crap. Undoubtedly, someone up the grapevine is really trying to nail down fan service and I’m grateful. But if you’re not Neill Blomkamp; don’t try. Just give me gameplay, not Casper Van Dien caliber acting.

The state of the video game industry is far beyond the likes of this…

Now this is how you sell a game…

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