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Man Constructs Computer Within Game

A YouTube user appropriately named, “TheInternetFTW” has constructed what is technically a working computer within the sandbox world “Minecraft”. For those not familiar with Minecraft, it could be categorized as a new-age development tool or creative suite; but it is actually marketed as a game. It allows players to manage and produce pixelated 8-bit tiles to literally create the world around them.

Other users have reportedly made cities that hang in the skies along with full-scale space stations, but TheInternetFTW has constructed a city-sized ALU or arithmetic logic unit. The ALU plays an integral role in any CPU, it is what makes a computer… well… a computer. It allows it to compute (roll eyes).

The creator demonstrates his contraption’s capabilities of performing simple math within the world. By throwing a couple of switches and careful placement of some torches, he was able to get the correct answer in due time.

The creator has gone on to say that construction, debugging, AND testing has gone on simultaneously within the game world. He went on to admit that the entire unit isn’t optimized thoroughly enough but is pleased that it functions accurately and properly. He also has plans to add memory and RAM, thus making it a legit computer. Creepy.

So what does all of this mean? Why the fuss? Essentially… because inside a machine, a human made ANOTHER machine. Something severely meta about that. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. Just to think, a human can create an environment suited to their specific needs in territory as intangible as the internet.

Watch the video below. If your mind isn’t blown, you should be getting shivers down your spine.

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