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An intro, and a request

Hello readers, I’m Jordan, one of Joe’s new friends here at Millersville University.  Nationally acclaimed hockey broadcaster, hockey nut, semi-gamer, self-proclaimed introspective speaker, blah blah blah.  I think what’s most important here is that I’m either really bitter or sarcastic.  But yeah, you’ll figure that out over time.  I’ll see what I can do for this esteemed writing establishment.

Anyway, I’ve run into something in my life recently that has me rather steamed.  It has to deal with something that may or may not be controllable, but it’s the art of being awkward.  In my TV production class, there is a girl that sits next to me and my group, but for minutes on end, will perpetually stare at me.  It’s not cool.  Especially when said awkward people talk about things that a, you don’t care about, and b, distract you from class.  I mean, being the absolute failure at the art of love that I am, to get this person to like me…not exactly proud.

Just a little request to people who get the standoffish personality from others–talk about something relevant.  All this girl needs to do for me to listen to her is to talk about something I care about.  Don’t talk about some absurd reference from some anime I’ll never get.  I watch some anime, but I’m no weeaboo that knows everything about everything Japanimation.  Talk about how Dr. Chang is hard to understand, make a joke, do something clever, I don’t know.  Once you put up the wall on this girl, she guilt-trips you into think you did something horrible.

It may seem insensitive, but I have a request to all of the awkward people out there.  You’re going to get the wall from people if the only world you live in is one that people don’t understand, or want to understand.  You gotta cater to peoples’ interests, whether you like it or not.

I mean, I’ll confess.  I used to be rather awkward in my own right, but I’ve become something you’d call “normal”.  I figured that stupid references won’t get you any responses, other than forced ones.  Sadly, that’s just the way it is.  If all I did was spout nonsense about hockey, people would just be like “eh, yeah sure, whatever”.  Everyone KNOWS I’m a hockey nut, but they don’t need to hear it from me.  It’s all about association.

So long story short, find something else to talk about.  It may surprise you.  It’s all about those icebreakers, right?  I think that might be the subject of my post next week.

Until next time, readers.  This is juuuuuuuuuuuust the beginning.


For those curious about my work elsewhere (I am indeed one busy dude), you can friend me on Facebook (Jordan Kuhns), follow me on Twitter (@jckuhns), e-mail me (jckuhns@gmail.com), check out my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/vyhter or http://www.youtube.com/millersvillehockey) and my blogs (media.fans.nhl.com/vyhter or patrickkanesloosechange.blogspot.com or vyhter.blogspot.com), or if any of those don’t work, well…I don’t know what to say.

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