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Remember, Remember, No Shaving in November

Oh, Hello Internet. Long Time No Talk

I finally have some free time from school and I hope to post again regularly. Thanks to Chris for holding down the fort during my Hiatus. A lot has changed since my last post, I’m halfway down my first semester at Millersville, I’ve gotten active on MUTV doing sports, I have a new sports talk radio show on 91.7 WIXQ at 1 to 3 a.m (Yes A.M) on Friday Mornings and other such shenanigans. I plan on updating more often so don’t worry friends!

ANYWAYS, Its November and apparently that means that men don’t shave and they try to grow a beard. Some men have the ability to grow lush, epic beards and some men can only muster a few awkward whiskers. I, unfortunately, fall in the latter. I can only grow some awkward patches on my face and mostly neck but that will not stop me from participating in No Shave November. I sort of hope that my body will go into overdrive and grow some hair to fight off the november cold.

Here is my picture for the beginning of the month. It should be noted that the “beard” is already a few days old before November but nonetheless.

Notice the sweet-ass Star Wars shirt

I hope to post a picture every week to track my progress.

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