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Believe in Yourself

There are times where we just don’t believe in what we’re capable of.

But let me tell you, as much as people can love, hate, judge, criticize, or even bitch about things that you do, you have ability.  More potential than you can possibly give yourself credit for.

I had no idea I was capable of award-winning material, and yet here I stand with two grand prizes, and an honorable mention in my possession.  I didn’t think this was possible. But for some odd reason, it is.

Every award ceremony, I have to slap myself, thinking “how the hell is this possible?”  I can’t say I stood out in any facet of anything in the past, but here I stand, holding an array of awards.  This is what I do.  This is the only thing I CAN, and WANT to do.  And now, I believe I can do it.  There were times I never had that belief.  But let me tell you this.

Just as a certain two-tailed, orange fox once taught me…BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.


Fly high so you can fly to the highest of the heavens.  You have the ability, you just need to believe, and work hard. It may be tough to summon the courage to actually believe if you never had reason to believe before, but you have so much more ability and potential than you usually give yourself credit for. So don’t feel bad for being cocky, or a little bit egotistical every once in a while.

You deserve it.

Share a laugh. Be awesome. Gain the confidence to be someone you’ve never been before because of this newfound belief. That’s what’s happened to me in these past couple of days. I never thought I’d be victorious again, as life seemed to keep on bashing me over and over again, as if trying to stop me from doing what I needed to. It’s about time we tried to stop this onrush of feeling blue about yourself or your abilities. Because you’re capable of more than you think.

If you’re ever feeling that way, take some time to figure out what you do for people. Write down one thing that you do for people every night. It will certainly set you on the right track.

Just believe.  You’ll see what I mean once you do so.


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