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Dear Kanye West, Fuck You

Hip hop artist Kanye West finds himself back in the headlines this week. Apparently, this man is completely drawn to embarrassing himself on national television. His latest debacle involves a recent interview he did on the Today Show with Matt Lauer.

At the top of the interview, Matt Lauer tried to get some reaction from Kanye when showing a clip of the recent interview Lauer did with former President George Bush. Bush stated that Kanye’s controversial comment during a live Katrina fundraiser was “one of the most disgusting moments” of his administration. When shown the clip, Kanye stumbled on his words and nervously searched for an explanation stating, “I didn’t need you guys to show me the tape… prompt my emotions or whatever…”

Somehow Mr.West isn’t familiar with how television works. A television network airs relevant video in the backdrop to give valid background info to fill in the television audience. It’s not unusual, it’s just common practice.

Kanye inevitably puts himself in the role of victim when his MTV Music Awards spectacle was shown. He went on to say during the interview, “Yo how am I suppose to talk when you’re gonna run this video when I’m talking?” referring to his infamous moment with singer Taylor Swift.

Matt Lauer kept his cool and tried to tame the idiotic ego that is Kanye West. Much respect to Mr.Lauer as a journalist. Kanye’s behavior was nothing short of childish as he went on to tell the off-camera crew to quite down and told them, “Please don’t let that happen again… it’s ridiculous…”

I’m sure to conduct this interview Kanye would’ve needed to have agreed to do it. It wasn’t as if NBC dragged him into the Today Show and forced him to do this interview with Matt Lauer.

It could have been a moment where Kanye made amends on air for his embarrassing and immature behavior. But quite the opposite, he simply went on air to reveal every true inch of his assholish soul. Mr.West desperately victimized himself and did nothing more than truly show how childish he was and that there is no extent of humility in this man.

Kanye went on to tweet how upset he was of the interview, the details of the twitterbomb and the interview can be found in the video supplied below.

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