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Things I am Thankful for

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Family? Of Course. Health? Yep. Love? Umm…working on it.

I’m actually thankful for a lot this year. Tons of new experiences, lots of new friends. I’m actually genuinely happy for the first time in ages. I could go on gushing about how less crappy my life is, but I’m thankful for the little things.

Things Joe is thankful for…

New seasons of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Modern Family, 3o Rock and The Office.

The Walking Dead and being really good for a cable show

HD gaming, glorious 1080p goodness

Chikara Pro Wrestling

Bryan Danielson..I mean Daniel Bryan

Roy Halladay

Subtitles on Netflix Streaming

Netflix in general (Nicktoons Streaming FTW)

The cool side of the pillow


Shit My Dad Says (The book, not the awful show)

Chris Pronger and Claude Giroux

Chad OchoCinco’s Twitter account


It was a pretty good year, Geek-Wise

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