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Hello, My name is Joe and I’m a Professional Wrestling Addict.

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yes, I am full-grown man and Yes, I still watch pro wrestling. In fact, as I have gotten older, I’ve started watching more wrestling then I ever did as a kid. I still watch Raw every monday and I try to watch Smackdown! whenever I can on friday nights. Yes I’m fully aware that its “fake” but I don’t care, I still love it. Also, it’s not fake, its staged. There is a difference.

I like to consider myself a “Smark”, a portmanteau of the term “Smart Mark” or someone who understands the innerworking of the wrestling biz. I grew up in Northeast Philly watching ECW on channel WTGW 48 during the years of Tommy Dreamer vs Raven, Taz and his Path of Destruction and Mr. 420 RVD (as a young kid, I had no idea what 420 meant but now I look back and a laugh at how ridiculously Van Dam was during his promos). I stuck with ECW until the end and I openly wept when Vince McMahon revived and destroyed my ECW. I still wear my ECW whenever I’m feeling nostalgic.

I also grew up during the “Attitude Era” of the WWF. I remember screaming my head off for Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Headbangers and The Undertaker. I watched Raw is War faithfully every monday but for some reason, I guess I grew too old for Rasslin’ so I stopped watching from about 2001 to 2005. I remember sitting in front of my Tv one night being bored and I flipped on Raw and I remembered how much I loved wrestling and I fell off the wagon again and became a Wrestling fan once again.

As much as I love WWE (still feels weird to say especially after that awesome Old School Raw with the old logo), I have to say I LOVE the indy scene. I’m a huge fan of Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and Chikara. The guys in the indy leagues aren’t huge but they make up for with amazing Athletism. They do things that the WWE could never get away with and they make Wrestling fun again. It’s a strange mix of Drama, Humor and Awe-Inspiring Athletics. Chikara Pro is especially my favorite. It’s like a live action Comic book. Over the Top Heels, Guys in Luchador Masks, Fighting ICE CREAM CONES! I can’t put into words how Chikara changed my views on wrestling. The WWE is trying make wrestling PG and more family friendly, but they really should watch Chikara because they understand how to make Wrestling Fun.

My final thought about Wrestling is about my favorite wrestler in the world. Bryan Dani…I mean….Daniel Bryan. Here is a guy who went from wrestling in front of 50 fans in high gyms to 500 fans in a Bingo Hall to 50,000 fans in Japan and now he’s wrestling in front the of the entire world in the WWE. He is a guy who treats Wrestling like an art form, he trains in MMA and he honestly makes you forget that wrestling is booked because of the amount of passion he has for his craft. I had the honor of meeting him at a Chikara show and I was amazed at how humble he was for all of his accomplishments. He got shafted when he first joined the WWE, jobbing to everyone on the roster but now he’s garnering praise from  Jim Ross, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, William Regal and he could on his way to being one of the top guys in WWE. His success feels like my success because I’ve been his fan for years and I’ve seen him grow from an Indy legend to a WWE United States Champ.

So yes, I am a grown man and I can proudly say, I love Pro Wrestling. Now, if you excuse me, I have some Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 to play.

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