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Speak With Conviction

If you know me, you know I’m a fan of doing things with gusto.  Maybe sometimes more gusto than is necessary.  But I still love doing things with all of my passion and heart.  Basically leaving it all out on the field, so to speak.

Anyway, the reason I say this is because something as simple as talking seemingly only is given maybe even 50% by some people, and I’ll explain.  I have a knack for picking up on speech tendencies, and one thing I absolutely hate is when people do not speak with conviction.  When people end statements with an upwards inflection as if to insinuate it’s a question is not only annoying, but it’s not credible.  I remember in speech class, my professor would absolutely rag on everyone who threw an upwards inflection at the end of their sentences.  I kept it in the back of my mind…

“Speak with conviction.”

I mean, there’s a reason there are two separate punctuation marks for statements and questions.  If you want to tell me global warming has to deal with a lot of issues that are a part of today’s society, don’t ask me.  TELL me.  Keep it in the back of your mind.  Speak with conviction.  It just seems sad that people don’t care.

Obviously, I’m not expecting everyone to be super public-speaker, but come on.

I think this mostly comes into play when we talk about sports talk radio.  I always tell the sports broadcasting campers that they should always speak in statements.  If callers perceive a weakness in your inflection, you’re done for.  If you notice, the hosts seem to jump on the caller when they aren’t on their game, and they slip up with a half-assed statement.  It’s the same idea.  It’s perceived as a weakness that people can exploit.  I almost feel like, every time it happens, I should ask…”is that right?”

I feel like, not only with prepared speeches, but impromptu speeches, the conviction has to be there.  I just feel kinda angry sometimes when I hear sure-minded people just trip over the fact that they may not be right.  People won’t question a question.  If it sounds convincing, people will buy it.

I’m just sayin’.

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