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A Geeky Gift For A Geeky Girl

As I was handed the shifty and somewhat curious M. Jordan’s shoebox, wrapped in newspaper and sealed together with an obnoxious amount of tape with a few sprinkled staples to add some character, I could only guess what my good friend Kevin had gotten me for the holidays.
I tentatively peeled the newspaper back and opened the Jordan’s to see the glory that is my new refurbished and remastered Sega Genesis, which hopefully, in turn, would soon be mastered by me.
“Oh my gosh, Kevin!” I shrieked in complete excitement. I gasped, shuttered, and gazed at the sky and thought about the possibilities that have opened up now that I have this Sega.
A pack of four fantastic games and a cheap cableless TV and I’m set. The console came armed with some Disney classics like “The Lion King” and “Toy Story” along with a Power Rangers themed fighting game, and to round it off with what makes Sega, well, Sega is some classic Sonic action completing my set.
The best of which is the “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers” game. A line-up of tiny, pixilated characters ready to be chosen and a whopping six stages to prove your worth was what I had to occupy me over this break. Unfortunately, I was womped time after time by my good, yet ferocious friend, Paula. Alas, the game itself was a winner and it will most definitely be making it into my bag when I return to school. I will use this break wisely and gear up for my competition next semester.
My friend Kevin knew that the game console and accessories would become one of the top presents I’ve ever received and he is very much correct. However, after receiving the gift, I remembered and regretted selling our game console in the first place. I thought of all the times I watched my brother play and beat Sonic. In fact, I rarely ever played my old Sega Genesis, which I think makes the entire experience that much more special.

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