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My New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone comes up with New Year’s Resolutions that they have no real intention of keeping. I hope that posting my resolutions online that I can be guilted into keeping them via shame from the internet. Here goes my top FIVE resolutions that I really want to keep.

Lose weight – Losing weight is probably everyone’s top resolution but I really need to accomplish this goal. I’m not looking to get shredded but I would like see my junk without having to struggle. I am morbidly obese apparently to my BMI scale and I would like to lose enough weight to hopefully remove the word “Morbid” from the title. It would also be nice to drop a few cup sizes, maybe down to at least to an A-cup. 25 lbs. seems like a good number

Run a 5K – This ties in more with Goal 1 but I want to be a better overall athlete. Currently, I can’t even watch 8 Miles without getting winded. Seriously. I need to be a better runner and I think running a 5k is a reachable goal. 3.1 miles isn’t too far, right?

Make More Music – I have a pretty good instrument collection including an electric Bass, an electric Guitar, an acoustic Guitar, a Harmonica, Ukulele and an instrument that I am still inventing. That’s a pretty diverse range but the only problem is that I’m not great at any single instrument. I find myself dabbling with each one and never really sticking with any one long enough to get good at them. I want to learn more about  music and maybe even get a band started. Anyone looking for a Guitarist/Bassist/Ukeluleist?

Draw More – I used to never go more than a few hours drawing, now I barely get a line down before I get bored. I got pretty burnt out from art but I really want to get back into it. I picked a Studio Art Minor at school so I need to force myself to get back into an artistic swing. I can’t remember the last time I filled a sketchbook but I WILL get back into drawing, even if that means doodling all over my notes in all my boring classes.

Being even Geekier this year – Comic convention, beat more video games, watch more Pro Wrestling. Make L.C.G even more awesome. This year will be the year of the Geek.


What are your resolutions, Friendos?

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