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The Games of My Childhood

About twenty minutes ago  my sister was cleaning her room and brought to me a bunch of random CD-ROM discs she found in her room for me to look through. I was only mildly interested in looking through these discs since she had interrupted me while playing Fallout: New Vegas, but nonetheless I paused the game and browsed the collection. The Beatles’ Love , Neon Trees’ Habits, an extremely old Now That’s What I Call Music!, and the list goes on. I had just about given up on this lackluster pile when I stumbled across the crowned jewel. I had finally found it again: the genesis of my inner nerd that was The Incredible Machine computer game. “What is this?”, you may ask. Ladies and gentlemen, The Incredible Machine was one of the finest games of my childhood. And that’s what I’m going to talk to you about today: the games of my childhood.

Well obviously the first game I’m going to talk about is The Incredible Machine. If you can’t put a picture to the name, here’s a shot of the game:

Pretty ancient stuff, right? But what did you do? The whole game was based off of making extremely complex Rube Goldberg devices to complete simple tasks like lighting a candle and such. There were multitudes of items to use, like ropes, pulleys, air pumps, cats, mice, bowling balls, treadmills, and anything else you can think of. It was basically a physics demo but I had the time of my life playing this game. I spent hours creating the most complex and completely over-the-top designs, just because I could.

The next game that I can think of was a necessity in elementary schools when I was there. It may have been edutainment, but it was fin edutainment. The game I’m talking about is none other than Number Munchers.

The game was meant to teach simple math and had you do simple tasks like finding multiples and factors of a number. Other monsters would come out onto the board and mess up your progress as well. Since by this time I was already addicted to video games and have always been good at math, I was naturally attracted to this game. I still remember what the “computer lab” of my elementary school looked like and how during the boring lessons on how to properly type, I was busy chomping on some numbers.

We’ll step up in time a little bit to the era of the original Playstation. This platform was filled with classic games like Driver 2, but the one I’m thinking about is none other than Croc.

Countless times I remember furiously treading through the lava level, burning my ass as I slip into the lava pits, collecting jewels and ringing gongs, trying to collect crystals. Probably doesn’t make too much sense to you unless you’ve played it, but the hours of my life spent playing, this game will never be forgotten. The only two games I remember playing more are Crash Bandicoot and Frogger, which are both also classics.

Lastly, I bring out the big guns. The one game that I still to this day play on rare occasion.

Oregon. F@#*king. Trail. What other game could it possibly be? The most classic edutainment game around. This game could be incredibly simple for the little kids who normally played it, but going back to it now, this game had A LOT of strategy and can be a very thought-inducing game. Picking who you want to start off as, what supplies to bring, when to leave for Oregon, when to stop at different places, what pace to move at, the size of the meals…the list goes on and on. Normally I still don’t put too much thought into this game (basically I just name everyone after my friends and see who dies off and who makes it), but sometimes I actually try and the games take a surprising amount of time. No other game can take the top spot as my favorite childhood game. I will always love it.

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  1. Jofis
    January 13, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Super Munchers was the best game ever. I remember in 3rd grade we used to have challenges to see who could get further.

  2. C.L. Anderson
    January 13, 2011 at 9:52 am

    Half the fun of Oregon Trail was hunting. Those poor poor buffaloes… slow, but oh so delicious. Never ever caulk the wagon. IT NEVER FUCKING WORKS AND YOU LOSE STUFF!!! Just pay the dude…

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