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Gamer Geek Quote of the Week: Zack Fair

While Cloud Strife may have stolen legendary status by default; Zack Fair set the precedent that allowed him to do so. The man behind the icon, Zack Fair is one of RPG’s under recognized characters.

The role he played in the original FF7 was marginal however; important. His untold exploits led to the rise of the iconic Cloud Strife. Zack’s tribulations ultimately imbued Cloud with a sense of purpose WAY before the events of FF7 and these events were explained in Crisis Core. Much like the character Zack himself, Crisis Core’s journey was cherished, important, and above all; bittersweet.

For many hardcore FF7 fans, Aerith wasn’t the only one worth shedding a tear for. Cloud merely embodied Zack’s legacy and was the precursor to the cataclysmic events of FF7.

Hey Cloud… what are you gonna do when you get back to Midgar?
~ Zack Fair

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