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Techland’s New Dead Island Trailer is Chilling

What do developers do when their game has been off the grid for so long that people think it’s been canceled? Get some attention with a shocking trailer, of course! Techland has recently released a chilling trailer for their new open-world zombie game Dead Island. The trailer is unsettling as much as it is moving.

While no actual gameplay was shown, the trailer (as well as the developer) did reveal that there will be a heavy emphasis on melee combat. It’s a vastly different take when compared to Valve’s zombie blasta-thon; Left 4 Dead. Instead of arming players to the teeth with automatics and magical ammo drops, Dead Island will have players scrounging for AND customizing improvised weapons that will deteriorate over time.

The developer’s website
http://deadisland.deepsilver.com/deadisland.php details Dead Island as a cooperative first-person action/RPG. How it all comes together remains to be seen. As of now, there is no release date besides a very broad 2011 window. Hopefully some gameplay and a solid release date will surface soon (*ahem* E3).

Check out the trailer below.

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