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Editorial: Why “Call of Duty” Will (or at least should) Come To An End

April 26, 2011 4 comments

In this day and age, everyone and their mother knows what “Call of Duty” is. The T.V. spots, the online ads, and just the overall popularity of the series has made this one of the top grossing video game series to date, joining the ranks of other big shots like Mario, Pokemon, and Grand Theft Auto. Black Ops, the latest title in the series, is the number one selling video game of all time (and it didn’t even take it that long to get there). So obviously this series is huge. Enormous. A titan among the video game industry. There are reasons why these series get popular, stay popular, and continue to produce game after game after game: people enjoy them, and Call of Duty is no different. I am here to rain on everyones parade and explain to you why Call of Duty will, or at least should, come to an end.

The title that started it all

Now don’t get me wrong, I own the majority of the Call of Duty games for the home consoles and have at least played the ones I don’t own a fair amount. They are addictive and hard to put down; I do not deny this. I have probably put around 60 days worth of time into Modern Warfare‘s online mode alone. This, however, does not make Call of Duty and more special to me than the other games in my collection like Bioshock or Dead Space. I have put an ample amount of time into all of them as well and love them a lot more than I do Call of Duty. That doesn’t matter though, that is my personal preference. I can see past the smoke and mirrors and flashing lights that Activision is throwing our way and I have come to the realization that Call of Duty may very well be doomed to the same fate as True Crime, Tony Hawk (Tony claims they’ll still make games, but come on, lets be serious, no one likes those games), and the music titan itself, Guitar Hero.

The COD series has changed so much from its roots in the passing years. Probably the majority of the changes were with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. New war, new time period, new weapons, completely revamped online system, and so much more. From there the changes just get more and more drastic from the original three. If you don’t recall, Call of Duty 1, 2, and 3 were all set during WWII, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare switched things to present times, Call of Duty: World at War went back to WWII, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came back to modern times again, and finally Call of Duty: Black Ops went for the Vietnam War. In the beginning Call of Duty was a fast paced shooter for its time and had a strong level of complexity for its time, but as time has gone on the complexity has increased to a point where I believe it to be too convoluted for its own good. I have barely even played Black Ops (amidst rave reviews from all of my friends) because, among other reasons, I didn’t care to learn all the new features that had been added. Especially not all the new “Zombies” features. Back when “Zombies” was initially released with World at War, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I played that original zombies level countless times with my friends, just resetting it every time we finally lost. I like “Zombies” back then. It was simple: start off with the basics, buy weapons off the wall, take a gamble with the mystery box, and just board up and defend all the entry ways so the zombies didn’t get you. I don’t even have that much fun playing the “Zombies” mode on Black Ops. The funky weapons, the different juices, the electricity and teleporters, the different forms of zombies. Sure, I’m all for innovation, but too much too much. I can’t handle playing it because it’s just too much to worry about. The Call of Duty series has become so wrapped up in being a twitch shooter that it’s lost almost all sense of realism and pacing for me.

Zombies mode

This plays over into the online matchmaking. I CAN NOT stand the Call of Duty online community. It is a bunch of slanderous words and 12-year-olds. I know other games suffer from this syndrome as well (…coughcoughHALO) but it still doesn’t make it right. Nine times out of ten I find myself in an argument with some internet tough guy because the fact that he can hide behind the anonymity of a Gamertag automatically means that he can spout all the homophobic, racist, and sexist remarks he wants. It ruins the fun for me. If I’m not playing in a private chat room with my friends, I don’t use a headset anymore. I can’t stand listening to the garbage that comes through Xbox Live. And this kind of defeats the purpose of the communication aspect of the game, seeing as you’re supposed to use the headset to communicate with your teammates to work together and win the game. Although it’s not like you could actually for a good strategy and play it out. Call of Duty has become so fast-paced and so twitchy that almost any strategy you want to employ wouldn’t work because of the speed of the game.

Back to the complexity. The online modes suffer from this as well. I really liked Modern Warfare‘s online mode. There was enough there to keep me busy (like working towards the golden guns), but not too much to make it seem laden down with unnecessary crap. As time has gone on the additions have just kept coming and coming. Some of them I praise, like host migration. No more rage quitters ruining my kill streak fun. Most though, not so much. Modern Warfare 2, and especially Black Ops have become so burdened with extra garbage in their online modes that I find I have too much stuff to take care of. Modern Warfare 2 was about the max I could stand in terms of complexity. The leveling up on each weapon to unlock new upgrades and attachments, the leveling up of your perks, all the challenges, the kill streaks, camouflages; it all seemed like so much, but I managed (I was severely disappointed in the removal of golden weapons). Black Ops, however, introduces a whole new money-based upgrade system which I really just can’t stand. Just another number I have to watch.

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer

Why such a big hatred to the complexity? It’s not because I can’t necessarily handle it, because I can. I play many complicated games that require a lot of time and effort. It’s because of two reasons: (1) Im not compelled to learn all the new features, and (2) it detracts from the single player. Call of Duty got to it’s high position in the video game world because of it’s single player campaign. That was the original reason why all the critics raved and why everyone originally fell in love with it. Over time, however, the focus has switched from the single player to the multiplayer. Of course this is where the majority of your time is going to be spent now, but that doesn’t mean they need to neglect the single player. Now, from what I hear, Black Ops‘ campaign is amazing, and I’ve been meaning to play it. This was refreshing to hear since lately the reviews for game shave been saying there was not enough time spent of the story or it’s too short. I still worry though, I love a good story.

Another small little reason why I believe Call of Duty is doomed to fail is that they are running out of wars. WWII is definitely overplayed, and I am starting to get sick of modern shooters as well. If they don’t switch to a new time zone after Modern Warfare 3 is released, I think they’re going to be in a lot of trouble. With every other major war shooter series out there now switching to the modern era, the market is overflowing with sand and turbans. The Vietnam War was a good play on Treyarchs part; there just aren’t that many wars to make games out of. Anything earlier than WWII would just be boring in my opinion, with such low tech they had back then (and plus WWI was 99% trench warfare, which doesn’t exactly pan out for a fun video game). The Vietnam War is a fresh, new face for the video game industry and I see that sticking around for a while, but it won’t take long for the market to get tired of that war as well. The market wouldn’t be getting tired of these wars so fast if they would pace out the games a little  more, but I’ll talk about that later.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

My main inspiration for writing this editorial is all of the news circulating Activision, the loss of Guitar Hero, the news surrounding Infinity Ward, and the switching of developers for the Call of Duty series. Activision’s name has now become synonymous with evil in the world of video games. We’ve all seen the the things Bobby Kotick has said. They have a history of taking something great, milking it dry, and then throwing it to the side. This happened with Guitar Hero. What was something great was taken over, forced to pump out countless games every year, and then tossed to the side when people stopped buying plastic peripherals. This is exactly what is happening with Call of Duty. All of the above mentioned complaints may not be quite so bad if the games had more than one year between each new edition. I do not think that Call of Duty needs an annual release. They try to pack so much stuff into the games and then try to pack as many games into the market as they can. There is more than enough content in Modern Warfare 2 to hold me over for at least 2 years. The problem comes when Activision expanded the development community of the Call of Duty franchise. As of right now, there are FIVE developers working on the franchise. FIVE! They are as follows: Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Raven, Sledgehammer, and Beachhead. Let’s start off with Infinity Ward. The creators of the series. It’s good to know that at least the original guys are still behind the games…oh wait, scratch that. We all know what happened over a year ago. The giant fight between Activision and Infinity Ward. The epic battle that resulted in the loss of the two heads of Infinity Ward, Jason West and Vince Zampella. They were let go by Activision, which lead to lawsuits and a huge chunk of Infinity Ward’s staff quitting on the spot. West and Zampella were forced to open a brand new development studio: Respawn Studios. Well, there goes the original talent. But what remains of Infinity Ward is still here, working on the 2011 installment to the Call of Duty series.

Next is Treyarch. The other main Call of Duty developer. The ones who made Call of Duty 3, World at War, and Black Ops. I have never been a particular fan of Treyarch’s Call of Duty games, but they aren’t too bad. I much prefer Infinity Ward though. They’re still around and doing fine. No big deal. Now comes Raven. They  have been reportedly working on DLC for Black Ops. Why is this necessary? Why are you outsourcing Call of Duty to other developers. Infinity Ward and Treyarch know how it works and how everything is designed. Handing it off to another developer and just saying “Here, make us some DLC” is stupid. What sort of busy schedules do Infinity Ward and Treyarch have? Are they too busy trying to working on the next installment in the series that they can’t stop to support the one that’s already out? Here’s an idea: STOP MAKING COD ANNUALLY.

The C.O.D. Developers (minus Beachhead)

Now the one that makes me livid. Sledgehammer. This fourth developer is reportedly working on a whole new, completely separate Call of Duty game. But it’s not a shooter. It’s an action adventure game. What? Why is this even here? Remember that time I said Activision likes to milk popular property for all it’s worth? Yeah, that’s whats happening here. We do not need an action adventure Call of Duty game. It’s made to be a shooter and that’s the way it should be. Lastly, with all that extra money and space Activision had from getting rid of Guitar Hero, True Crime, Tony Hawk (and I didn’t even mention Activision dropping Bizarre Creations, the development studio that brought us Geometry Wars and Blur), they decided to open up a brand new studio to, guess what, focus on the Call of Duty franchise. What is this fifth developer doing? They are in charge of developing an online hub/waypoint/community for the franchise, a la Halo Waypoint. For the third time I ask, why is this necessary? Why can’t Infinity Ward or Treyarch take a break from making annual Call of Duty games and make this new community thing. It was not necessary to create a whole new studio for it (especially at the cost of losing Bizarre Creations).

Have I made my case? With all of these new studios opening up just for Call of Duty, Activision is going to find it hard not to have those development teams create their own Call of Duty games. Then the market will really be crowded. Just look at the other big blockbuster series. Halo had its time and it has come and gone. There were spin off games, like Halo Wars, and a giant online community with their own community hub. Bungie could easily have made more Halo games expanding on the rich world they created, but they decided against it. Enough was enough. Don’t saturate the market. Leave something to be desired, don’t stuff game after game down our throats until we get sick just by looking at them.

I could be wrong about all of this. Call of Duty could live on for a long time, thriving in our video game world. But I personally don’t see that happening. Halo was the game that people thought of when you mentioned video games. Now it’s Call of Duty. If the developers were fewer, the games fewer, and the had a different publisher paving the way, the future of Call of Duty may be a little brighter. But right now it’s pretty bleak.

UPDATE: Well the rumor pool is churning when it comes to the newest edition to the series: Modern Warfare 3. Some apparently “leaked” details suggest that the game is a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2, features “Soap” MacTavish and John Price, will travel to locales such as Dubai, NYC, and Paris, and has been jointly developed by Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software.

UPDATE NUMBER 2: It has been recently announced that the fifth developer, Beachhead studios, which was the developer working on an online community, has come forward with their upcoming product. It is called Call of Duty Elite and is a paid online stat-tracking service, similar to what does for free.


LCG’s Mortal Kombat Review

April 23, 2011 2 comments

Mortal Kombat is a household name gamers are well-acquainted with. It’s known for hard-hitting kombos and over-the-top violence. The game itself gave the folks at the ESRB a job to do; that’s how hardcore it is. So when Ed Boon and DC teamed up to bring folks a T-rated Mortal Kombat game, fans were puzzled as much as they were confused. The newest entry simply titled “Mortal Kombat” *ahem* Nine *aherm* is equally an apology and love letter sent in a bloody envelope. NetherRealm Studios has unleashed a fierce and highly competitive fighting title. Mortal Kombat is back.

There's nothing special happening here. I just needed a cool screenshot.

While the latest MK title is a direct continuation of Armageddon; it actually flashes back to the first few MK titles for a majority of the story. Confused? The intro cutscene opens up with the apocalyptic events that has claimed the lives of all the kombatants, leaving Raiden to fend for himself against Shao Kahn. Right before Raiden is killed, he sends a telepathic message to his past self warning of the calamity to come. Meanwhile, past Raiden receives the message before the events of the first game and must race to change the current course of events. So it’s a sequel.. but a reboot (shurgs). The setup isn’t very creative, but it’s an excuse to really flesh out the excellent story.

A story!? Yes, quite possibly the best story mode in ANY fighting game EVER.

MK’s story structure doesn’t have the typical arcade-style ladder. While that is in there, the story portion of the game gracefully rotates the fighters you’ll be playing as. This allows players to understand the game’s mechanics and each fighter’s moveset at their own pace. You’ll find yourself consistently fed new fighters to mess around with and inevitably engaged in the cutscenes between fights. Kudos to Netherrealm Studios for cleverly introducing more characters and challenges while elegantly touching upon key plot points within the lore. The timeline that is presented roughly stretches from the first MK to the Ultimate MK3 era. There are a few unforeseen twists and turns but it’s essentially a retelling. Mortal Kombat’s story mode is better than any of Hollywood’s interpretation of MK. It’s that good.

The story takes you across the earlier eras of MK. Complete with remade backgrounds.

Besides MK’s massive story mode, players can also participate in the typical 1v1 against a local opponent. On top of that, there’s also a 2v2 tag mode for up to four local players. Throwing down with 3 others players in the same room is a riot. Players can tag in their partner mid-combo and seamlessly continue their onslaught. There’s nothing quite like coming out on top of a close fight and then performing a fatality that punctuates throughout the entire room. Mortal Kombat has a wealth of modes that is sure to please solo and local players.

Two players can also go head to head with other tag team partners online.  The online mode allows players to join player created lobbies to test their mettle. There’s also an arcade-style King of the Hill mode that allows the winner to stay as spectators wait in line for their turn. It’s good to see Netherrealm trying to duplicate the arcade experience online, after all; it is where MK grew up. New copies of the game will include a “Kombat Pass” that gives you access to MK’s online features. This kind of rubs me the wrong way. The online is technically “free” to owners of a new copy, but purchasers of a used copy will have to throw down some dough to enjoy the game online. I understand the business behind this approach to selling more new copies, as developers don’t profit from used game sales; but it just seems like a dirty practice that punishes the consumer more than it rewards.

Tag-team is a welcome addition to Mortal Kombat

Regardless of the mode you’ll be playing in, the core fighting system is solid. Every character flows much easier than in past installments. Stiff animations or “dial-a-combos” are nonexistent here. The new combo system feels significantly more free-form. Most casual gamers can get away with simple 3-hit combos along with some specials and still cause veteran players grief. Hardcore MK players can still stream absurdly intricate combos that damages opponents upwards of 80% or so. The weekend and everyday gamer will both find something to enjoy in the combat system.

A new addition to the combat are X-Ray moves, basically Mortal Kombat’s answer to Street Fighter’s EX gauge. You’ll fill a bar at the bottom of the screen by taking and receiving damage. The first tier will allow you to do enhanced versions of a move. In Johnny Cage’s case, his Shadow Kick will instantly transition into a flying knee and Scorpion’s Spear would then shoot out in multiple directions. The second tier is a combo breaker that instantly makes heavy combo users think twice. The third tier is an X-Ray move that can be performed by pulling both triggers once the meter is filled. When it successfully lands, it displays a gruesome x-ray shot of your opponents bones and insides being shattered, torn, and/or impaled.

Every character has a unique X-Ray move and all of them have alot of personality. It’s also a great technique that allows you to even the odds and adds a new twist to the already hard-hitting MK formula. Some of them range from hilarious to downright wrong. Stryker comically blinds an opponent with his flashlight and follows up with his baton and taser. Sindel grabs a opponent’s leg with her hair only to kick them right in the gonads and then proceeds to break their legs inwards. Alot of the moves will make you wince and call out overkill; but hey that’s Mortal Kombat. That’s what you get when you enter a tournament full of kung-fu fighters, ninjas, sorcerers, robots, and evil demigods.

Crunch, squish, snap

The signature finishing moves of course find their place at the end of the match and now they’re easier to pull of and even more enjoyable to watch. Netherrealm Studios didn’t pull any punches with the fatalities this time around. They’re all gloriously bloody and have no qualms about showing you the bloody insides of your vanquished foes. Every character has 4 kinds of fatalities; one that is available by default, a hidden fatality, a background fatality, and a babality. While there are a good chunk of new fatalities, a fair amount of them are recycled from years past like Liu Kang’s Dragon Transformation or Jade’s Staff Impalement. Regardless of recycled fatalities, they’re still rewarding to watch as the developer has made them a cinematic experience with the use of slow-mo and varied camera angles. So you’re not just plainly watching the slaughter from the “side” like in the old-school MK titles.

"Meet me at the 3 feet wide walkway that's several stories above a sea of spikes."

As you play through various modes or execute fatalities you’ll be awarded Koins that you can spend in the Krypt to unlock new content. These items can range from more Koins to concept art or hidden fatalities altogether. You’ll even navigate the Krypt in first-person as you unlock items. It’s a pretty creepy experience when you hear things run around behind you as you trudge through rivers of blood in search of treasure. Netherrealm Studios could’ve simply made a boring menu, but they decided to take the production one step further and really reward their fans.

Players will also find an area called the Nekropolis which has in-depth bios and ways to further unlock alternate costumes. Players can also participate in Test Your Might, Test Your Strike, Test Your Sight, and Test Your Luck minigames to earn more Koins. Everything you do just furthers your progress to unlocking everything the game has to offer.

Mortal Kombat is filled to the brim with content. The excellent story mode provides a great jumping off point in terms of story and familiarizing players with the core fighting. With a roster of 27 characters on the 360 and 28 on the PS3 (PS3 gamers get Kratos), you’ll find yourself adept to several characters in no time. Fatalities are back and M-rated as ever. Unlike past MK games the fatalities aren’t what carries the game. Quite possibly the first time in a long while, the core fighting can stand on it’s own two feet and is easily competitive with other hardcore fighting games on the market. Online or offline, Mortal Kombat is loaded with things to do, discover, unlock, and mutilate. Long-time Mortal Kombat fans can finally come out of hiding and proudly lay down money on one of the best fighting games so far this year.

Kratos wants in

+ Great Roster
+ Combat is fluid and fun
+ M-rated Fatalities are back
+ Excellent story mode will occupy your time
+ Mountains and mountains of content waiting to be discovered
+ No DC characters
+ Fantastic audio

– Kombat Pass screws over people with pre-owned copies
– Boss characters can be cheap
– Boss characters aren’t playable


4-19-2011: What I’ve been playing

So I figure that I’ll update every once in a while with what I have been playing as of recently. Without further adieu, here are all the games that I have been playing for the past week or two.

Blur (Bizarre Creation)

You must probably be thinking “Blur? Why Blur?” Well, you see, I have a limited selection of games that I brought to school with me with my 360, and this happens to be one of them. I remember this game being advertised as the “Mario Kart for adults”, but when it came to release, it didn’t get as much attention as I think it deserves. This game is a fun, fast-paced arcade racer that I can thoroughly enjoy sitting down and playing. The campaign mode is nothing special and the multiplayer is completely empty, but I still find it fun to sit down with a couple of my guy friends and kick the crap out of each other as we race.

Halo Wars (Ensemble Studios)

Yes, Halo Wars is one of the other random games that I decided to bring up with me to school (if you’re wondering, the other two games I brought were Black Ops and New Vegas). I decided to bring some games with me that I hadn’t played in a long time, and Halo Wars was definitely one of them. I may not play the campaign all too much, but I have a lot of fun just skirmishing against the computers, 3 vs. 3, for an hour or two. I just like seeing all of my “minions” scrambling around, attacking what I want, when I want.

Words With Friends (Zynga)

Now this game comes completely out of left field. A simple, free to download app that’s basically Scrabble that I play with my friends over the internet. It’s simple, stupid, and addictive. I’m always refreshing the app to see if any of the multiple games I’ve started has had an update. I’m almost checking this as much as I do Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. It’s almost sad how much this game addicts me.

Family Feud (Ludia)

Now this game was definitely not expected. Another app downloaded on my iPod (this one was actually paid for) and I can say that it has also kept me addicted for multiple hours. The graphics may be sub-par, the computer can be both extremely stupid and unbelievably intelligent at the same time, and there may not be too much to do with the app, but it’s simple fun and I guess I’m just easily entertained sometimes. Don’t get me wrong though, I still like my complex games like Fallout just as much.

Geometry Wars Evolved/Touch (Bizarre Creations)

Now this includes both the XBL version and the Touch version. I have been playing both equally as much (although the console version is easily ten times better). Now this game is a very special game. It is probably my second favorite XBL game that I own (second only to Castle Crashers). This game manages to invoke so much chaos in such a simplistic form that is very easy to just pick up and play at any moment. The visuals are just astounding and I can never just play one round of this game.

So there you have it, the games that have been consuming my life for the past couple of weeks.

The Mysterious “Project Cafe”

Soon after the launch of Nintendo’s next and best gadget known as the 3DS, you’d think that the spotlight would start to fade away from their domain and start to come back to Microsoft and Sony a little.

Well, you’re wrong. Nintendo has brought the spotlight right back to them with “Project Cafe”

What is this mysterious project? It’s only just the codename for their next big home console.

“The Wii 2!?” you may ask. Yes, the Wii 2. Nintendo is ready to (hopefully) join the big boys in the true HD generation. Now, not much is known about this new console since Nintendo’s going to keep the details locked up until E3, however, there is one little tidbit of info. The controller for “Project Cafe” will mirror the Gamecube controller in terms of function, not form, it will have dual analog sticks, and the shocker: the controller will feature a 6 inch touch screen in the middle of it that you can use either as part of the game or to stream entire games to the controller.

I’m already hating this thing.

A bunch of people just threw down $250 for this bad boy and now you want us to buy another screen for our controllers? How many screens do we need?

Why on earth do I need a 6 inch screen in the center of my controller. If I want to play games on a small as screen, I’ll buy a DS/3DS, not a whole new home console. Adding this screen will make the controller so much heavier than it needs to be, and we all know that our hands get tired of holding a DS or PSP or whatever after a while. It’s going to be heavy. And this announcement is coming right after the release of the 3DS. Way to screw everyone over Nintendo. Release an expensive new handheld and then tell us the your new home console is going to feature a controller that can play full games on it. Granted, the 3DS and this controller thing have a lot of differences, but what other purpose would Nintendo have to put a screen into your controller and let you download games to it if they didn’t want you to use it as a handheld.

IGNs idea of what the "Project Cafes" controller will look like.

Now, according to IGN, the controller can stream games, not download them. So basically what your saying is that if we wanted to play games on just the controller, we couldn’t leave the range of the console? Now that is just dumb. Why would I want to stream games to my controller and play on a small screen on my couch when I can just play them on the big freaking TV that the console is connected to. If I want to play games on a small screen on my couch next to a big TV, I’ll just grab my DS and turn off the TV so I can at least conserve some energy while being stupid.

Another thing is that if it ends up being that you can download the games to your controller (and therefore leave the vacinity of your console), your controller is going to need a shit load of memory. And you know what that means? EXPENSIVE. If we think controllers are expensive now, just wait until they throw a 6 inch screen and memory into your controller. I could see the controllers running at $80+ per pair.

In general, I think this is the stupidest idea yet. My personal opinion would be that they just make a normal console and then somehow let you sync your DS/3DS to the console and let you use that as a controller….if you absolutely NEED a screen in your controller.

I think I can live without that. I guess we’ll just have to wait until E3 to see this new “Project Cafe”.

Street Fighter X Tekken Cinematic Trailer, ‘Nuff Said

During the annual Captivate press event, Capcom has taken upon themselves to reveal a new trailer for their highly anticipated Street Fighter X Tekken. Widespread knee-buckling, hysterical prayer, and tears of joy has been reported from both fighting communities. Fans will finally be able to see their revered fighting dynasties clash. The trailer features Kazuya and Nina going toe-to-toe with Ryu and Ken in some… city. Kazuya even hinted a small bit of the plot in the trailer; something about Jin wanting to meet Ryu.

Street Fighter X Tekken is confirmed for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC platforms. However, a solid release date has yet to be disclosed. Here’s hoping for a very VERY early 2012 release. Check out the new trailer below!

Sonic’s 20th Anniversary Trailer, More Running in 2011

The blue blur is back (again). Sega has recently released a new trailer showing everybody’s beloved blue hedgehog racing neck to neck with his former self (there’s a metaphor in there somewhere). What exactly Sega has in store for long-time Sonic fans is still a bit of a mystery at this point. The end of the trailer flashes a “Coming in 2011” as if everybody is suppose to know what to expect. Sonic has arguably seen more downs than ups since his 16 bit debut. Hopefully, Sega will make a concerted effort to give Sonic a much needed shot in the arm; especially on his 20th birthday. It’ll be interesting to see how this will shape up.

It’s currently appearing on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Whether or not it’s a downloadable title or a disc-based retail game is yet to be specified. Check out the trailer below.

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Resident Evil’s 15th Anniversary Trailer Looks Back at Nightmares, More on the Way in 2011

Wesker does a whole lotta’ reminiscing in Capcom’s newly released trailer. The trailer commemorates Resident Evil’s 15 years of survival-horror that has taken gamers from an unsettling mansion to a sun-soaked African landscape. The setting may have changed over the years but, the horror remains (relatively) the same: evil pharmaceutical corporations + virus = zombies/monsters.

While the new trailer sets up with some footage from the earlier games, it also featured new gameplay for upcoming Resident Evil titles. The 3DS is getting infected with two Resident Evil titles this year with Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and Resident Evil: Revelations. This autumn will also see the downloadable re-release of Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4. Both will be available on Playstation Network and Xbox Live with full HD support. The tail-end of the trailer also teased Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City with no confirmed release date or platform.

For better or worse, it looks like 2011 will be THE year for Capcom and the Resident Evil franchise. Take a look at the brand new trailer below!

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