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4-19-2011: What I’ve been playing

So I figure that I’ll update every once in a while with what I have been playing as of recently. Without further adieu, here are all the games that I have been playing for the past week or two.

Blur (Bizarre Creation)

You must probably be thinking “Blur? Why Blur?” Well, you see, I have a limited selection of games that I brought to school with me with my 360, and this happens to be one of them. I remember this game being advertised as the “Mario Kart for adults”, but when it came to release, it didn’t get as much attention as I think it deserves. This game is a fun, fast-paced arcade racer that I can thoroughly enjoy sitting down and playing. The campaign mode is nothing special and the multiplayer is completely empty, but I still find it fun to sit down with a couple of my guy friends and kick the crap out of each other as we race.

Halo Wars (Ensemble Studios)

Yes, Halo Wars is one of the other random games that I decided to bring up with me to school (if you’re wondering, the other two games I brought were Black Ops and New Vegas). I decided to bring some games with me that I hadn’t played in a long time, and Halo Wars was definitely one of them. I may not play the campaign all too much, but I have a lot of fun just skirmishing against the computers, 3 vs. 3, for an hour or two. I just like seeing all of my “minions” scrambling around, attacking what I want, when I want.

Words With Friends (Zynga)

Now this game comes completely out of left field. A simple, free to download app that’s basically Scrabble that I play with my friends over the internet. It’s simple, stupid, and addictive. I’m always refreshing the app to see if any of the multiple games I’ve started has had an update. I’m almost checking this as much as I do Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. It’s almost sad how much this game addicts me.

Family Feud (Ludia)

Now this game was definitely not expected. Another app downloaded on my iPod (this one was actually paid for) and I can say that it has also kept me addicted for multiple hours. The graphics may be sub-par, the computer can be both extremely stupid and unbelievably intelligent at the same time, and there may not be too much to do with the app, but it’s simple fun and I guess I’m just easily entertained sometimes. Don’t get me wrong though, I still like my complex games like Fallout just as much.

Geometry Wars Evolved/Touch (Bizarre Creations)

Now this includes both the XBL version and the Touch version. I have been playing both equally as much (although the console version is easily ten times better). Now this game is a very special game. It is probably my second favorite XBL game that I own (second only to Castle Crashers). This game manages to invoke so much chaos in such a simplistic form that is very easy to just pick up and play at any moment. The visuals are just astounding and I can never just play one round of this game.

So there you have it, the games that have been consuming my life for the past couple of weeks.

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