The Cool Kids

Life. Culture. Geek Stuff is about everything in life that we find interesting. It ranges from Video Games, Music, Sports, Movies, Television, pretty much everything in this fine world of ours.

Joe Nolan – Chief Geek

Chris Anderson – I’m a self-proclaimed super geek and video game connoisseur. I enjoy all manners of tech and gadgets. LCDs, Plasmas, touch-screens, RAM, progressive scan, USB 2.0, QWERTY, and wifi are all part of my DNA. If I were to get cut binary coding would spill out. In a manner of speaking, the only way to treat such a wound is for me to get patched up. I don’t need a hospital, get me to Blizzard and have them give me a title update. (Get it? Patched up? Har.) I’m a very harsh critic of games and movies. If the only good it does is work when I put it in the disc tray, then it’s not worth a second of my time. I’m an aficionado of all things Street Fighter, zombies, and the Beatles.

“New” Chris Hubbard – I am a man of infinite knowledge and power. I am the result of an unstoppable object hitting an immovable force. Only I can divide by zero. And only I know why the chicken crossed the road. I have cleverly fooled all those around me into thinking I am a freshman meteorology major at Millersville University with an unnatural obsession for Harry Potter, movies, literature, and videogames. I don’t need Dos Equis to be “The most Interesting Man in the World”, it just naturally happens for me.

Jordan Kuhns

Jordan is a man of many titles. He holds awards, positions, and stuff. But more than anything, he blogs way too much, and apparently tweets too much. But that’s okay. Jordan is a junior at Millersville University and field shoot coordinator at MUTV99. He also writes for,, and other sites. Just ask. Jordan apparently has a voice that people like…too much. Personally, he gets tired of it.

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