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Media Effects Theory: Annoying Us All

January 23, 2011 1 comment

My roommates were watching Fox News earlier, and I might as well preface this post with a little disclaimer: I am politically moderate, so this isn’t a bash against any political ideology.  Anyway, they were watching Fox News today and conservative pundits went along and absolutely smashed this show called Skins.  It’s an adaptation of a British teen drama about a bunch of kids and their adventures including sex, drugs and the like.

These pundits went on, and on, and on some more about how this was going to corrupt society, and that this was more than just a show…

…just shut up.  Quit the hyperbole.

Ever since I’ve been in college, I’ve been fascinated by this theory: does violent media affect peoples’ aggressiveness, or does it temper it?  It’s an interesting question, but when you have people crying foul about a show that has homegrown controversy just because people don’t agree with it…that’s going to happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to change people.

My one roommate actually put it best.  Good parents will tell these children not to do what they see on TV, and that it’s not real.  This is why this is fiction, and the divide between reality and the fictional world is there.

I was raised in more of a conservative household, I would have to say.  My parents were never fans of me consuming violent material, but even when I did, I can’t say I was more aggressive.  Sure, I’m only one case, and it’s certainly not a sample size to say that this theory is a bunch of crap.  But I feel like if parents are just proactive enough, this theory should mean nothing.

The more and more pundits seem to blather on and on about stuff they don’t agree with, the more and more I hate the extreme marketplace of ideas.  Some people need to get their facts straight and calm the hell down.  Honestly.

I’ll give another example.  My grandfather was watching MSNBC frequently while I was staying with them over the summer, and every time they would start a segment of complete bitching, I said “I could dub over this with a baby’s cries, and it would be accurate”.

Peoples’ credibility goes down when they get angry and emotionally motivated, and this seems to happen on cable news networks on BOTH sides.  If these ideas were presented to not only me, but to everyone in a rational manner with plenty of time to get the facts out, I think we’d all be in business.

But it’s not.  It’s continual crying.

I just wish the pundits would shut up.  They’re not doing us any favors nor services.  I’m pretty sure the world isn’t going to end tomorrow, and society will still exist tomorrow.

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Dear Kanye West, Fuck You

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Hip hop artist Kanye West finds himself back in the headlines this week. Apparently, this man is completely drawn to embarrassing himself on national television. His latest debacle involves a recent interview he did on the Today Show with Matt Lauer.

At the top of the interview, Matt Lauer tried to get some reaction from Kanye when showing a clip of the recent interview Lauer did with former President George Bush. Bush stated that Kanye’s controversial comment during a live Katrina fundraiser was “one of the most disgusting moments” of his administration. When shown the clip, Kanye stumbled on his words and nervously searched for an explanation stating, “I didn’t need you guys to show me the tape… prompt my emotions or whatever…”

Somehow Mr.West isn’t familiar with how television works. A television network airs relevant video in the backdrop to give valid background info to fill in the television audience. It’s not unusual, it’s just common practice.

Kanye inevitably puts himself in the role of victim when his MTV Music Awards spectacle was shown. He went on to say during the interview, “Yo how am I suppose to talk when you’re gonna run this video when I’m talking?” referring to his infamous moment with singer Taylor Swift.

Matt Lauer kept his cool and tried to tame the idiotic ego that is Kanye West. Much respect to Mr.Lauer as a journalist. Kanye’s behavior was nothing short of childish as he went on to tell the off-camera crew to quite down and told them, “Please don’t let that happen again… it’s ridiculous…”

I’m sure to conduct this interview Kanye would’ve needed to have agreed to do it. It wasn’t as if NBC dragged him into the Today Show and forced him to do this interview with Matt Lauer.

It could have been a moment where Kanye made amends on air for his embarrassing and immature behavior. But quite the opposite, he simply went on air to reveal every true inch of his assholish soul. Mr.West desperately victimized himself and did nothing more than truly show how childish he was and that there is no extent of humility in this man.

Kanye went on to tweet how upset he was of the interview, the details of the twitterbomb and the interview can be found in the video supplied below.

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Kobe Bryant & Jimmy Kimmel Answering the Call

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Basketball star Kobe Bryant and late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel have been featured in an ad for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops game. This commercial has been floating around in the wonderfully sanitary and completely sane internet for a bit now. As we approach the launch of the game’s November 9th release date, the ad is sure to pop up on television as well.

It’s definitely a different way to market a Call of Duty title but… well… just have a look yourself…


True-izzle to the Blood-izzle

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

True Blood, how can you not want Snoop Dogg on your show? So what if he’s a Crip, you don’t say no to the D O double G. Even though he seems to have to have mellowed from his previous thug life (acquitted of murder, professional pimp, etc) to more a suburban lifestyle (pee-wee football coach, reality star, etc), I wouldn’t want to piss off  Mr. Dizzle (do people still say that?)

He even wrote a tribute song to your main character Sookie Stackhouse!

via EurWeb