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Street Fighter X Tekken Cinematic Trailer, ‘Nuff Said

During the annual Captivate press event, Capcom has taken upon themselves to reveal a new trailer for their highly anticipated Street Fighter X Tekken. Widespread knee-buckling, hysterical prayer, and tears of joy has been reported from both fighting communities. Fans will finally be able to see their revered fighting dynasties clash. The trailer features Kazuya and Nina going toe-to-toe with Ryu and Ken in some… city. Kazuya even hinted a small bit of the plot in the trailer; something about Jin wanting to meet Ryu.

Street Fighter X Tekken is confirmed for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC platforms. However, a solid release date has yet to be disclosed. Here’s hoping for a very VERY early 2012 release. Check out the new trailer below!