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Life Culture Geek’s “Welcome Back” Download Guide

If you’re one of the many users inconvenienced by PSN’s recent downtime/maintenance, you’re in for a treat. As you may already know, Sony is giving out some free games for you to download as an apology and thanks for our “patience”. There are a handful of games Sony has allowed us to choose from and they’re all decent in their own right. At LCG, we’re here to help you decide which games to take advantage of. This way, you’ll end up downloading a game you can be sure to enjoy; rather one that will take up precious hard drive space on your PS3 or PSP. Remember, you’ll have to download the “Welcome Back” e-voucher before making a selection and you can download up to two free games per system.

Dead Nation – If you’re a fan of zombies, this title is the way to go. This Smash TV-style shooter will have you upgrading armor and weaponry as you make your way through hordes of undead. Players will need to play missions consecutively in order to maintain their score multiplier. The scores will be tallied against players from other regions world-wide. It’s playable solo, but the co-op is where this title truly shines. If you’re looking for something gory and challenging, this is your kind of game.

Super Stardust HD – Do you enjoy yourself some “Bullet Hell” gameplay? Still can’t put down Geometry Wars? Super Stardust HD is a bright seizure-inducing dual-stick shooter that should be right up your alley. It’ll have you saying, “One more time” over and over again as you try to beat your last best score. It’s also playable cooperatively to boot. If the Fourth of July was a game, this would be it. (No… I’m not talking about Fantavision…)

Wipeout HD –  You may be familiar with this futuristic racing title from as far back as the PS1 era. It hasn’t changed an awful much besides being displayed in full 1080p and running at a smooth 60 fps. The blistering speeds and weaponry you’ve come to know are still intact, just prettier to look at. This download also comes with the Wipeout Fury add-on that includes 8 new tracks, 13 new ships, and 3 additional game modes. So if you’re into hyper-fast futuristic racers in the vein of F-Zero, definitely give up one of your free downloads to this title.

Infamous – Open-world games usually stumble into pitfalls of filler missions and monotony. Infamous creates a world that is not only fun to navigate in, but also enjoyable to be apart of. As a messenger with sweet electrical powers and parkour skills to boot, you’ll be dishing out justice however you see fit. Players can decide if they want to go down the path of righteousness or become infamous (har) altogether. You’ll encounter moral choices that will effect the abilities at your disposal. The main story is certainly worth playing through twice just to explore all the possibilities this game has to offer. The side-missions aren’t the usual brand of fetch quests you experience in other games. They lead to much of the game’s variety and often reward you with enhanced powers. Completing these side quest will also release the denizens of the city from the clutches of various gangs; allowing safe passage for the citizens as well as yourself. If you’re looking for one of the best open-world games this generation, look no further than Infamous.

Little Big Planet – It doesn’t get any cuter than Media Molecule’s 2D-ish platformer. Little Big Planet boasts a near-infinite amount of user-created content for players to explore. Up to 4 players can traverse the highly-abstract story or tackle custom levels put together by the game’s community. While the gameplay may bare some resemblance to a Mario title at the first superficial glance; it contains a deep array of creativity and physics driven action. The Sackboys that populate Little Big Planet are just as customizable as the levels. You can outfit these adorable characters (puppets? creatures? things?) with an impressive lineup of costumes. You can mix and match their appearance to suit your tastes or make them look like other video game characters altogether. Not to mention it has the catchiest soundtrack ever. If you’re looking for a game that will entertain multiple players or something simply child-friendly, surrender one of your free game downloads to Little Big Planet. It’s charm is sure to delight younger and older gamers alike.

Killzone Liberation – Looking for a more manly man game to download onto your PSP? Killzone Liberation is an isometric tactical shooter that takes place in the Killzone universe. If you’re familiar with the first-person shooters, this isn’t it. Killzone Liberation is played from a top-down view to hit home a more tactical feel. Players will be running through the usual assortment of gritty battlefields and rustic military complexes while unloading on the Helghast. Running in Rambo-style will usually greet you with a Game Over screen. Players will have to examine the layout of the battlefield and be judicious about their cover. A second player will be able to join you throughout the entire campaign for support, which you’ll need since the game presents some stiff difficulty from the start. Players looking for a challenge that’s more on the mature side should give this tactical shooter a download.

Little Big Planet – It’s exactly what it sounds like; Little Big Planet… just on the PSP. The core tradition of customizing Sackboys and creating levels is still intact in this portable rendition. Although it’s decent for a PSP version of a PS3 game, you’ll find yourself flying solo a majority of the time unless you know 3 other people with a PSP and a copy of the game. LBP is certainly less compelling when you’re playing it by yourself. But if you can’t get enough or want LBP on-the-go; there’s no reason you shouldn’t download this excellent PSP version.

Modnation Racers – Who doesn’t like kart racing? Sony seems to be pushing the user-created envelope this generation and Modnation Racers is no exception. Players can expect highly customizable drivers, karts, and tracks. In typical kart racing fashion, racers will have a wide variety of projectiles and defensive abilities at their disposal to maintain an edge. If you’re looking for a racing title that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Modnation Racers’ insane levels of customization and dedicated community will keep you coming back for more.

Pursuit Force – This early PSP title is equivalent to that of a B-movie in terms of plot and premise, but it’s damn fun. You’ll be playing as a member of the… yup… Pursuit Force. Which means you’ll be driving, shooting, and leapfrogging from car to car. It’s essentially Spy Hunter on crack. You’ll pursue generic bad guys and take them down by JUMPING ON THEIR CAR AND SHOOTING THEM IN THE FACE! Players can then take over completely drivable vehicles by jacking the poor sucker who happens to be in it. The plot may be a little thin, but the gameplay is fun enough to keep you entertained. If you’re looking for something braindead but highly entertaining, give this one a go.

Hopefully you’ll find this guide useful to some extent when considering what free games you’ll be downloading. Those lucky enough (is lucky the right word?) to own BOTH a PS3 and PSP will be able to enjoy up to 4 free games! There’s also a Pixel World dynamic theme to download for free if you’re looking to pimp out your XMB. Happy downloading and enjoy!


It’s Alive! PSN Slowly Finds It’s Legs

After four weeks of thumb twiddling, whistling, and countless paper airplanes; Playstation Network is back online… kind of. Sony is currently working to bring the network up to speed by rolling out features bit by bit. As of 5/14, PS3 owners were prompted to download mandatory firmware update v3.61. Today, PSN gamers will be able to play games online, however features like the PSN Store will be undergoing maintenance and accessible at a later date yet to be confirmed. At one point today, the service encountered a speed bump for roughly 30 minutes or so from a high volume of password changes –  for good reason. Hopefully, the entirety of the service will be up for all PS3 owners to enjoy sooner rather than later.

Sony has released a video (shown below) that goes into further detail of forthcoming changes to services and when certain features will be available to users.

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The NGP: Sony’s Next Great Product

February 2, 2011 2 comments

Okay, that title is a little misleading; the actual name is “Next Generation Portable”, but nonetheless, it is finally here. The PSP wasn’t exactly a best seller for Sony, so it was about time they got a new handheld out to fight off the success of the DS and now the 3DS. I’m going to tell you just a little bit about the NGP and how it has improved on the PSP.

Let’s start with the screen. The NGP comes equipped with a 5 inch OLED touch screen with a 960 x 544 resolution. Compare this to the 3DS’ 3.53 inch, 800 x 240 pixel, 3D capable top screen and 3.02 inch, 340 x 240 pixel bottom touch screen. It’s a pretty powerful screen for the NGP, capable of producing current generation graphics, or at least comes close.

Now let’s look on the inside of this beast. The NGP boasts a quad-core ARM Cortext-A9 CPU and an SGX543MP4+ graphics processor. Now I really have no idea what those are exactly, but I do know that they are pretty damn powerful for a handheld. It also has built in Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, and Bluetooth for all your connectivity needs. Lastly, it has an accelerometer and gyroscope built in as well. Sony really tried to cram in as much as they could.

Next we go to the outside. The NGP comes with a rear touch panel, 2 cameras (one on front and one on back), and 2 microphones.

I saved everyones favorite addition for last since I know that nearly every PSP owner has been begging for this since the original came out: 2 thumbsticks. Finally!


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